Don't be afraid to get help...reach're not alone

Jessica, who is 27, has suffered with her mental health since she was a teenager, and had scars on her inner arms from many episodes of self-harming.

But she now has a pattern of vines and leaves instead of scars.

the tattoos have given her a new lease of life Credit: Mind in Bradford

It is amazing. I have been completely different and I can go outside without long sleeves. It has given me a new lease of life.
Something beautiful on these areas makes me not want to self-harm again.

Jessica King

Jessica’s mental ill health has included making suicide attempts and spending time in hospital.

She spent a month in Lynfield Mount in Bradford last year after the stress of losing her business was a trigger which made her more ill.

Jessica has shared her experiences for World Suicide Prevention Day after benefiting from therapeutic sessions at Mind in Bradford, particularly the art group.

the stress of losing her business was a trigger in her self harming Credit: Editorial

Art therapy helps people to create relationships and improve social skills as well as their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

It’s a relaxed, fun and non-intrusive way of exploring emotions and fears, identifying dreams, looking forward to the future and improving self-esteem, in a safe and friendly environment.

Hava Tanveer, Mind in Bradford

Jessica now runs a small business on Facebook making dreamcatchers, which she finds therapeutic as well as giving her a chance to use her creativity.

Some of the profits from each one sold is given to Mind in Bradford to support our work in the district.

she now runs a small business on Facebook making dreamcatchers Credit: Editorial

Her tattoo also includes the semi-colon design ; which is used by suicide survivors and denotes the idea that your life is not over yet.

Figures from the World Suicide Prevention Day campaign show that suicide is the 15th leading cause of death globally, with 800,000 people dying by suicide annually.

With an average of 135 people affected by each suicide death, this equates to 108 million people bereaved by suicide worldwide every year, and relatives and close friends of those who die in this way are a high-risk group for suicide themselves.

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Jessica, as highlighted in her interview with ITV, shares with us an incredibly important message with us this World Suicide Prevention Day:

"Don't be afraid to get help...reach're not alone"

If you are struggling, help is available

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